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About Lagnvastra

Lagnvastra is India's Premium Fashion Rental Rervice. we offer designer dresses on rent. Lagnvastra allows you access to luxury Indian traditional & designers collections at a fraction of the retail price.

At Lagnvastra ,we realised that we needed to address the current day trend of buying a dress, wearing it once and then neglecting it in our wardrobe. It was time for us to stop wasting money and start loving our clothes, we are rethinking the way indian people have previously approached their closets. We exist because we believe a beautiful product shouldn’t only be experienced through owning it. Our team is prepared to go the extra length to ensure you sparkle in the perfect dress at all of your special events. We have fashion stylists at our store to help on choosing your dress.

We deliver dresses in all the major cities in all over india.

Love from the Lagnvastra team.